About KICM

The Department of Mathematics, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) plans to annually hold an international conference on various topics in Mathematics starting in 2016. The main objective of KICM is to bring mathematicians from various parts of the world working in topics related to the conference, to interact with each other and to exchange ideas.

The first conference, KICM2016, of this kind will be on 22-25 December 2016 and the topics of this conference are “Number Theory, Graph Theory and Applications”. This conference is to be held in conjunction with the seventh conference in Number Theory and Classical Analysis, a national conference held annually by universities in Thailand.

Invited Speakers

  Prof.Dr.Omar Kihel
  Brock  University, Canada
  “Elliptic curves and Diophantine equations”  
  “On the index of a number field and Ore’s conjecture”
  Prof.Dr.Xiannan Li
  Kansas State University, USA
  “Primes in sparse polynomial sequences”
  Prof.Dr.Takao Komatsu
  Wuhan University, China
  “Some kinds of summation formulae about balancing and related numbers”
  Prof.Dr. Seog-Jin Kim
  Konkuk University, Korea
  “The Nine Dragon Tree Conjecture
  Prof.Dr.Vites Longani
  Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  “Some Results on Kirkman Type Problems”

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